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Wilt the Winner

January 2, 2019

blog-wiltSomething a bit different this time.

When growing up during the 1960s, I was a fan of the 7 foot 1 inch basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt took a lot of flack during his career, most of which I thought was unjustified.

Late in his career, people seemed to mellow towards him a bit, though I still thought he was underrated.

Then, in 1991 (he died in 1999), he made a very ill-conceived comment in a book about the number of women he had slept with. Boom! He’s been a bit of a joke to a lot of people ever since, and his fabulous achievements on the basketball court have been “reconsidered”  as well.

He still has his fans, but I have seen many absurd statements about his career – for example, that he was a loser who choked in big games, only put up big numbers because he played against white midgets, and wouldn’t be more than a bench-warmer in today’s game. Nonsense!

Finally I had enough and decided to write this book, to “set the record straight.” I’ve taken some novel approaches to analyzing his statistics and tried to put his career into perspective for those who weren’t around to see the man play or don’t know how to evaluate the little video footage that survives.

My stepson says nobody will care. Maybe he’s right, but you’ve got to stand up for your heroes because no one in the future is likely to. Available as a paperback and Kindle book on Amazon.

P. S. I know the front cover says “records” – I’m referring to the dozens of NBA records he still owns, 45 years after he retired.




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