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Ancient Animals/Ancient Coins

October 24, 2017

cover-animal-coins-blogAnimals were perceived quite differently in the ancient Greco-Roman world than is usual in the modern West. They were not considered fundamentally different from  human beings, possessing immortal souls. Humans and gods were often transformed into animals and vice versa in legend and mythology. There was a widespread belief in reincarnation, and the followers of men like Pythagoras and Apollonius of Tyana refrained from eating meat, partly because they believed that animals could be the reincarnations of ancestors or gods in animal form.

Partly because of this veneration and respect, as well as because of the close association the ancients had with animals, as food, transportation, entertainment, and a wide variety of household pets, their coinages featured sensitive and realistic portrayals of many different types. This is in contrast with most modern coinages, where few animals besides eagles and lions appear on the money issued for commercial purposes.

Ancient Animals and Their Coins presents a discussion of the place animals occupied in the ancient Greco-Roman world as well as a portfolio of 200 coins, illustrated with enlarged black and white photographs and full attributions.


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