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The ‘Archaic Smile’ on Coins

June 22, 2017

cover-smile-blogWell, I wasn’t sure if new book ideas would join me in retirement, but now one has. I’ve long been interested in the so-called “archaic smile” of ancient Greek art. It figured prominently in my novel Bulla Felix: The Roman Robin Hood.  Now I’ve taken a closer look at “the smile” and the coins on which it appears.

My new book, entitled “The ‘Archaic Smile’ and Greek Coins”, presents the historical and cultural background and possible significance of the famous smile. It includes a fully annotated catalog of 84 spectacular coin types displaying “the smile,” maps showing the distribution of mints, and a basic chronology of the Archaic Period. There are more than 100 illustrations, including enlarged photographs of all coin specimens.


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  1. Claude Ripley permalink

    Hi Jas, I don’t know how you do it – it’s amazing. Not just your incredible productivity, but your creative and imaginative ‘energy’. Someone should write a book about you! Now there’s a project for Jim; I’ll suggest it to him… Come over for supper soon. ∂


  2. Thanks, Di. Actually, someone did write a book about me – me. Two in fact (“Auto-Books-ography” and “Drawings by Jasper Burns”). How’s that for chutzpah? Will be in touch about dinner.

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