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My Last Book?

October 20, 2016

auto-blogMy 65th birthday is next March and I’ve run out of book ideas. I plan to retire soon and may not be able to afford my book publishing software subscription or maybe even high speed internet.  So, I decided to write my literary autobiography now. In addition to reflections on most of my published works, Auto-BOOKS-ography includes some background about my life and influences.

Many of the chapters in this book are expanded versions of my blog entries here, but there is a lot of new material and I thought it would be nice to have everything in one place – for me to reminisce and for anyone who is interested to review my body of work. Available as a Kindle book and full-color paperback..


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  1. Claude Ripley permalink

    Hi Jas, I look forward to reading your ‘last book’ – though I suspect there may be another one in due course… (Actually, I have many others awaiting the time when I’ll feel sufficiently ‘reposed’ to snuggle down with them; l look forward to that time too). Toan and Betsy are coming over tomorrow for what I’m describing as a simple supper. A forth guest just dropped out, so I’d very much like you to join us. I don’t think you all know each other, so this is a good opportunity. Simple to make it fit your palate! I’m suggesting 7.00 pm, but you could come earlier – supervise the cuisine! such as it will be… say 6? I do hope you can make it. Sorry about short notice. d


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