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Irish Pennies – Fourth Edition!

May 14, 2016

irish-4Once again, I have published a new edition of my guide to the hammered pennies minted under the English kings of 15th century Ireland sooner than expected. As with the third edition, this was prompted by the tentative discovery of a new coinage. This time, it is an unrecorded early portrait coinage of Henry VII minted soon after the death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 using crown and portrait punches that had been used for both Edward V and Richard himself. This proposed coinage seems to have been extremely short-lived as only two examples bearing Henry’s name are known to me.

Seems like a good opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed ideas, new discoveries, and words of encouragement, as well as those dealers and others who have chosen to cite my work in their coin attributions. I have noticed a great increase in interest in these coins since the first edition was published ten years ago, as well as a significant increase in prices. Few medieval coinages offer as much variety of types and opportunities for new discoveries as the Anglo-Irish pennies of Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, and Henry VII.


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  1. Claude Ripley permalink

    Jas, I think you need to take a trip to ‘over there’, with your lovely wife, and explore first hand the sources of these intriguing pennies. You might even develop a taste for Guinness, or something stronger, in preparation for the Fifth Edition… I’d love to accompany you – carry your bags or something. d PS I am expecting a brief visit from Roland, his wife Maria Cristina, and middle sister Sarah, around June 10. I hope we can all meet up.


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