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Trice Blessed: New Book

November 3, 2015

tricepicIt’s been a while – have been busy with a new book based on the writings of some of my ancestors, mostly from Virginia in the 19th Century. The title is Trice Blessed: Lives and Letters of a Virginia Family: 1816-1968. These were very interesting, well-spoken people, and their letters and journals are full of erudition, passion, and down-to-earth every day life. And they had a lot to say – this book ballooned to 380 pages, illustrated with almost 100 pictures and dripping with the very best of old Virginia culture from the period. The terminal date – 1968 – is a bit misleading as that was the year in which the last of the Trices covered in this book passed away at the age of 94.

Though Trice Blessed is geared toward descendants and close relatives of the Trices, especially members of the Minor, Caskie, Davis, and Cocke families – it will appeal to anyone interested in the 19th and early 20th Century period. I love these people; they have had a profound influence on my life though I only met one of them. I believe that anyone would be uplifted and entertained by coming to know them. Besides family details, there are ample doses of humor, history, piety, and romance, with echoes of the worlds of Jane Austen, Scarlett O’Hara, Queen Victoria – even Sigmund Freud and Mary Poppins, Virginia style.


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