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Irish Hammered Pennies No. 3

March 10, 2015

irish3It’s been not quite a year since the second edition of Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV and Richard III was published and I didn’t anticipate writing another installment for a couple of years at least. However, some very exciting new discoveries about this fascinating series of silver coins forced my hand.

To review some history: Ireland was more or less ruled by England during the 15th Century and Irish coins usually bore the titles and portraits of the English kings. A tremendous variety of pennies struck by Edward IV (reigned 1461-1483) is described in my book, as well as the few coins struck by his successor, Richard III (reigned 1483-1485).

When Edward IV died, he was at first succeeded by his 12 year-old son, Edward V (reigned April 9 – June 26, 1483), but the young king was soon declared illegitimate by Parliament and his uncle Richard took the throne instead.

Despite the brevity of his reign, Edward V had coins struck in his name in London, which are quite rare and difficult to identify as they bear the same legends as his father’s coins. There is no record of coins being struck for Edward in Ireland before he was removed from the throne, but I have discovered evidence that they were.

The rest of the story is in my book, now available on Amazon. The book also features seven new mint varieties and five new types that have been discovered since the second edition was published.


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