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Children’s Books in the Works

January 11, 2012

Illustration from FOSSIL BEACH A few words about books I’m working on. In 1993, I wrote a children’s book entitled “The Magic Beach”. Based on childhood experiences, it tells the tale of two children – a boy and a girl – who encounter prehistoric animals at a modern beach after being shown some fossils that were found there. They meet a plesiosaur, Ankylosaurus, trilobites, and other prehistoric animals before returning to the modern world.

The original drawings are in black and white – not very exciting for kids these days. So I am busy colorizing scans of them in PhotoShop. I’m more than  halfway through and should be ready to go to press sometime this spring. Since I wrote the book, other publications entitled “The Magic Beach” have appeared. For that reason – and for clarity – I have renamed the book FOSSIL BEACH.

Another project is a book for older children or young adults based on my publication “Great Women of Imperial Rome”. As described in an earlier blog, that title is languishing in the world of textbooks without anyone to assign it to a class (I am not a professor). The book is expensive and the pictures (the best part, in my opinion) are reproduced in black and white and in a fairly small format. I am now working on a new book to feature my drawings, entitled “STORIES OF THE ROMAN EMPRESSES AND OTHER ROYAL ROMAN WOMEN”. It will feature one story from each of the lives of twelve imperial woman (all but two are empresses), accompanied by colorized versions of my pencil portraits. Coloring will take time and will come after the completion of the “beach” book; publication will probably be near the end of this year.

Meanwhile, BULLA FELIX is beginning to sell since its publication, especially as an ebook. No doubt, this is partially due to the positive review it received on Amazon from a kind gentleman in Australia. And no, I do not know him.

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